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  • img_Testimonial_Megan
    Busy Mom drops 40 lbs.

    “I started working it with Joe because I needed to do something about my health and fitness and I lacked the motivation to do it on my own... The gym scene was not for me. Since starting Joe’s program I’ve lost 40 lbs (and kept it off for over a year now) and 3 pants sizes! Joe gives you words of encouragement and motivates you to push to a higher level. My health has gotten so much better. I have energy, I actually like having my picture taken and I went for a run for the first time in my like thanks to the new level of fitness I’ve achieved.” – Meg


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  • img_Testimonial_Shelie
    Couple drops 40 lbs. together

    "My fitness journey began in August of 2009, I was about to turn 51 yeard old and my older daughter had been bugging me to get fit. My starting weight was 211 lbs. My health was beginning to make a turn for the worse. I was on all these prescription medications and was always out of breath just to take a short walk. My husband and I felt it was time to do something about our weight and fitness.


    We began seeing results in September of 2009..." – Shelie


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  • img_Testimonial_Maria
    Busy Mom drops 2 pants sizes

    "My fitness journey began in 2009 when I met Joe at a trade show in South Windsor. I spoke with him briefly about fitness and what I wanted to accomplish. In speaking with him I found myself even more interested but was still not ready to commit. Even after I won a free 30 minute workout with Joe, I still remained unhealthy for another year. The extra weight was contributing to joint pain, asthma and other medical issues.

    Then I joined Weight Watchers January of 2010 and to my surprise I started losing...." – Maria


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  • img_Testimonial_Kathy
    Sluggishness is gone!

    "I was working out 5+ hours per week, wasn't losing weight and wasn't the seeing the results I wanted. After joining MELT, my workouts deacreased to 3 hours per week but I have lost 20 pounds, gained more energy and increased my overall strength. One may wonder how decreasing time spent working out can improve results dramatically.

    The trainers at M.E.L.T. provide me with the tools and motivation to transform my body and mind..." – Kathy


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